23 dic. 2011


BARAKUDA is our new top mount deck, specially designed for speed.

It’s a totally stiff deck, made from bamboo panels sandwiched together and laminated with fiberglass and epoxy. It has two gas pedals next to each other to provide an extra grip in the slides. It also includes marked wheel cutouts which provide room for the wheels to turn at sharper angles while avoiding wheelbite.

It makes it possible to change the wheelbase, giving you four possible positions, what makes it adaptable to any size or style.

You’ll be able to choose if you want your Barakuda with a soft concave (11 mm) shape or with a W and much more aggressive concave shape.

A perfect board for Downhill and Freeride.


99cm. x 26,5 cm. (38,6” x 10,3”)

Distance between trucks: 69,5 cm. / 77,5 cm. (27,1” / 30,2”)

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